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Carlos Kleiber Dissertation "Gesture as Communication: The Art of Carlos Kleiber"

The dissertation on conducting and Carlos Kleiber was submitted to University of Sydney.

Title : Gesture as Communication: The Art of Carlos Kleiber
Author : Carolyn Watson
May , 2012

Link to this dissertation on University of Sydney web site(PDF、in English、206 pages)


Les Bernstein said: | May 9, 2013 4:43 AM

Having read this dissertation in its entirety, I have two expressions of hope: the first is my hope that Carolyn Watson obtains her Doctor of Philosopy degree in Music; and the second is that the readers of this website continue their journeys of discovery by reading it as well as some of the bibliographical material mentioned. Many opinions of the the world's most revered conductors comments are referred to. Those who wish biographical information will find it here; and those who are interested in learning about the connection between eye contact and bodily gestures will find ample evidence. What everyone agrees on is the necessity of complete familiarity with the scores being conducted and the existence of the "X Factor", the undefinable essence that makes orchestra members believe completely in (and therefore perform as directed) the conception of the conductor as he understands it. It's my belief that since Maestro Kleiber (and Toscanini among a few others) always conducted from memory, this allowed a more complete union between the conductor and orchestra. Having seen all existing videos of Maestro Kleiber and heard almost all of the audio recordings, I can say just as an oscilloscope affords a visualization of sound impulses, the Maestro became a visualization of the music itself in human form.