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Carlos Kleiber Stage Performance "CARLOS KLEIBER - Il titano insicuro" in Italiy

Stage performance dedicated to Carlos Kleiber will be held in Italy.

"Spoleto 56 Festival Dei 2Mondi"
CARLOS KLEIBER - Il titano insicuro (English Title : CARLOS KLEIBER - The Insecure Titan)
12 July at San Nicolò Teatro
13 July at San Nicolò Teatro

information of this performance(in English)
information of this performance(in Italian)

This performance also will be held at Terme di Caracalla.
16 July 18:00 at Terme di Caracall
18 July 20:00 at Terme di Caracall
information of this performance(in Italian)


Antonio said: | July 3, 2013 7:25 PM

I asked to the organizer: no streaming will be available for these pieces :(