January 28, 1999


Numbers refer to Cesar A. Dillon Discography


No.5 - Sample record wih matrix 17019-2 from June 26, 1931 exists of the first side of this record (Egmont) Information provided by Mr. Oliver Wurl

No.21 - Dvorak's New World Symphony: the orchestra is the BSOO not the BPO. This mistake is also in WERM I (page 172)

No.49 - Mozart's K.504 ("Prague" Symphony) the orchestra is the VPO as correctly mentioned earlier on page 24, not the BPO

No.66 - As written in the note for this recording (page 46) there were totally different matrix numbers for this recording in some copies. It has proved correct, as the first set (matrixes 626 1/2 bm; 627/628 bm) has been issued on CD (Preiser 90229). Both recordings have the same catalogue numbers (66652/3), the first one probably recorded in 1927.

No.70 - Correct matrixes for this record (An der Schînen blauen Donau) are 17017 & 17018-1

No.81 - The correct matrix for the first side of this record is CW 2192-II TI (not as mentioned on page 41) I have checked the HMV C.1685 issue personally

No.89 - Sample record with matrix 18920-1 exists for the first side of this record (Leichte Kavallerie). Information provided by Mr. Oliver Wurl

No.95 - Correct matrix for this record (Götterdämmerung: Funeral march) are 15172-II & 15173. Information provided by Mr. Oliver Wurl


New addition to "live" recordings:

Götterdämmerung - Complete recording

Brünnhilde Astrid Varnay
Siegfried Set Svanholm
Gunther Herbert Janssen
Hagen Emanuel List
Alberich Fred Destal
Gutrune Rose Bampton
Waltraute Lydia Kindermann
1st Norn Lydia Kindermann
2nd Norn Zaira Negroni
3rd Norn Rose Bampton
Woglinde Mafalda Rinaldi
Wellgunde Maria de Benedictis
Flosshilde Zaira Negroni
Men Tullio Gagliardo
Hector Barbieri
Teatro Colon Orchestra & Cho.
Buenos Aires, September 2, 1947
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